Kitchen Percussion & First explorations outside

28th January:

Busy day. Crabbing with little friend Zack: we caught quite a few in the end, taking them for a ride in the pull along boat and tractor before setting them back off into their more natural environment. Beautiful sunshine and crisp wintery day down by the water.

School run and home to play in the garden. F. was bundled up in the slightly too big all in one, and let loose to find whatever she could in the garden to put in her mouth! First time crawling in the grass, a big moment really! The others got busy digging in the currently empty vegetable patch. Useful for turning over the soil – although actually involved more turning out the soil onto the grass…but who wants to be pedantic when they were all clearly having so much fun?

To do: build a rockery, plant colourful edible veg patch, paint bird boxes to put up, grow a herb garden. Speaking of which, H and I planted up a treat – an indoor herb box – can’t wait…

Kitchen percussion, a favourite of ours – our youngest getting the hang of pulling all possible pots and pans and plastic plates onto the kitchen floor (inevitably when tea is being cooked and right under ones feet) and making the most horrific racket imaginable. Happy Zack having tea with ‘big girls’! New sparkly cardigan amongst other goodies from friends Sa & Pete in Oz – cheers guys! Glee indeed…



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