Fairy houses in February Sunshine

Monday 15th February

A sparkling start to half term with a gorgeously sunny day. A slow pyjama morning – none of the pressures and stress related to The School Run, which seems to take hours for which to (at least, attempt to) prepare and longer from which to recover, by which stage it is already time to start anticipating The School Pick-up. M. managed to write some thank you cards and much reading-of-stories took place, as well as a long and intricate game wit the girls and Bapa about school and babies…(of course!)…

At the opposite end of the country our cousins in Hexham were scooting down snowy slopes on toboggans, whilst we explored Furzy Fairy Gardens in warm sunshine….the glories of the South! ‘Twas a cold north wind whenever we were subjected to it (i.e. most of the day!) but the girls had great fun running around the twisting turning paths and exploring new hidden corners and reminding fairy doors previously discovered. A hot chocolate in the cafe finished a wonderful day off very nicely, thank you very much!

All was enhanced by the added bonus of having Granny Anna and Bapa with us, always good news. The fact that they are with us for more than just a couple of sleepovers is even more exciting.

The only shame is that we are all still suffering from various coughs and colds and lergies…not only common at this time of year but inevitable this year having had such a mild winter and long Autumn term…:-(


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