How People Used to Live

Tuesday 16th Feb

A fantastic day in the (wintery) sunshine at the Down & Weald Outdoor Museum with Granny Anna & Bapa. History, exploring, learning, enjoying….

We were entranced by the Blacksmith making a ram’s head poker, we watched a working water mill and had a go at grinding our own flour, we sampled home made beer and onion bread, we had a go at ironing the Victorian-way, we wandered around 15th century hall-houses with the fire going, able to sit on the toilet (giggle giggle), the bed and see how life really was without glass in the windows. A town hall from Titchfield. Tried making rag rugs, bees out of pine cones, badges and bird feeders. Picnic by the lake and windmill (very cold despite the sun – but we are British!!!) and all in all, a fantastic day:-)

Called in on Granny Tomlins’s wonderful friend and aide, Irena, on the way home. Lovely to see her again. Wish time wasn’t always so precious that seeing everyone we would like to is an impossibility. Still, as I then covered with the Yoga Sutra’s this evening, be in the moment fully, enjoy it, get things done with full consciousness, then move on to the next thing, rather than trying to juggle everything all at the same time…


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