Half Term Fun

Thursday 18th Feb

Friends, fun, zoo in the sun….

Fabulous day out at Marwell with friends Phoebe & Oliver. I still struggle seeing animals in enclosures simply not large enough to sustain their natural activities, but conversely, the zoo does excellent things for conservation. Wonderful for learning about our world. Especially on a sunny day, even when it is as busy as today. Too many people have wised-up to going around the zoo against the tide of the crowds, but even so, we managed to see plenty and have a lovely relaxed, fun day out. The children had a ball, played beautifully together, and all in all it topped a great week so far.

Highlights: stroking a giraffe, watching the penguins swimming, seeing the anteater’s snout and tongue, leopards and son leopards pacing right up to us, trip on the tractor train, picnic in the sun. Finished off nicely with an impromptu pub tea, and even Daddy joined us after work!


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