Sewing & knitting R Us

Monday 22nd February

H, F and I had a lovely gentle morning, after getting thoroughly wet from cycling (H) and jogging alongside whilst trying not to jiggle a baby (F) too much in the sling (me) down to the sailing club and back in the completely-un-forecast rain. We then settled in with warm drinks, a ‘first knitting’ kit (which proved too challenging for me, despite my prowess having started a scarf when I was 8 years old at least?!!), threading and sewing, which H got very into, and jigsaws. There is something to be said for the confidence gained in completing with ease little jigsaws that are too easy but making them achievable and something of which to feel proud? Then we enjoyed sorting colours and tones into groups, using paint swatches, and giggling at the names. Lovely morning.

Rain abated enough for me to cycle the trailer up to playgroup for an hour of popcorn making, painting with glittery paint, cutting up of play dough – why not? – and snacks. Tea at friends’ Phoebe and Oliver. All in all a good day.

Mummy hosted the first book group meeting, having read ‘Picture Perfect’ by Jodi Picault. As an ex-English teacher I wasn’t actually too sure what to expect, having never actually been part of a book group before, but I enjoyed having the chance to discuss a little more than children’s activities and the joys and perils of parenting. Shame so few people had actually read the book though;-) Still, wine flowed. the stove made it all feel cosier and the fact that F wouldn’t settle didn’t seem quite such a bad thing…


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