Wednesday 24th February

H had a wonderful morning visiting the Slidy Hill with her wonderful fabulous Buttercups. One v happy girl for a sunny moment at the playground afterwards (with her beloved yoyo that Daddy brought back from his work trip away)…



F and I had a superb walk down to the creek (where I used to walk nearly every day following my accident and time off work – so very familiar and calming and special) then made it to playgroup to see old friends a-plenty. Wonderful to catch up again. Very special people – Ruth:-)


Friend Thea came back to ours to play with puzzles and games at home, then enjoy some wonderful paddling on the way to school. Many ‘special’ stones were collected and created into an island in the stream – they did end up staying there rather than coming home with us, to my relief!

Hot dogs for tea with our homemade rolls. Yum. Well, actually, the children all ate fresh rolls that I bought this morning; Daddy and I ate the homemade ones later – and they truly are delicious, it is just that they are quite tough. Great for F to teeth on!!

The most incredible full moon and ?Venus? out later, so wonderful that after walking home from visiting nearby friend Clare, I woke up M to wrap her up in a coat and take her outside to see the moon and stars…not quite worth getting out her new telescope but almost, and she woke up enough to really appreciate the night sky..and to then enjoy cuddling back down in her cosy bed – how lucky we all are!





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