Five in a box

Thursday 25th Feb

Had a couple of deliveries – I know it is bad but to find environmentally and child friendly nappies anywhere other than online is hard. We use cloth ones but for out and about I use Moltex – they are more expensive but given that our skin is our second biggest organ after our lungs, rather worth it I think?!

The box that the delivery arrived in – what a treat! F took great delight in exploring it, and then I just left it out for when the girls got home from school, with friends Max and Bea (who they haven’t seen in a long time) it took very little time before the four of them we trying to squeeze themselves in and close the box! Managed to get all 5 in – and then told great delight in thinking up destinations and what would be required en route:-)


Had a glorious sunny walk with F asleep in the sling this morning – having been studying the Shakti Yoga Sutra’s and focusing this week on the awe of the the world around us, I felt truly blessed today:



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