Story telling & tadpoles

Sunday 28th February
Gentle home day, trying to get sorted (?!) We usually try and avoid screen time as much as possible but gave in to complete and utter exhaustion this morning – and let the girls follow up on yesterday with stickman, then the staple Mary Poppins, whilst F napped and we had a bit of a lie in (desperation).
Invitations to play: story telling…H has been doing the three little pigs at Buttercups but I couldn’t find our three little pigs (I can’t find anything in the chaos of our home at the moment) but did manage to gather together the characters and props for Jack and the Beanstalk. The kids have also had out the little wooden theatre that I got H for Christmas. Need to get out M’s story telling dice again! They are so good at getting on and playing for hours (albeit trashing an already trashed house along the way!!)
Our Spring Branch is gradually picking up decorations – valentine’s day, birthdays, various found objects…
F is completely on the move now! Nothing is safe. Falling down the stairs on Friday evening has goaded us into putting up a stargaze at the bottom as well as the top. Huge bruise on her forehead to show for our poor parenting. She seems fine though, phew.
Daddy and the girls got a new birdtable, ours having rusted through at the bottom, which was erected with great excitement (in the sunshine) as well as the various homemade bird feeders and seed balls that the girls have made.
Bike rides in the sun – H now completely able to start and stop herself, well done her. We’ve done plenty of cycling to and from various playgroups and friend’s houses over the last few weeks and she really is confident now. M can cycle up our hill on her own. Good girls:-)
Collected some more babies (not yet tadpoles so starting with the frogspawn) to look after from friends this evening, to the great excitement of the girls, just need to find a suitable home for them:

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