Sunshine and swings

Monday 21st March

A gentle sunday: registration at the sailing club for sprats for M (and I hope that I will manage to start sailing again) followed by an attempt (failed!) to sort some of the chaos at home, then on to Imogen’s 6th birthday party. (Proud of their homemade cards – H’s drawing is really coming on, as is M’s). It was an incredibly loud disco, so I wasn’t really surprised that H didn’t want to go in – so I took her and F home for a nap for the latter and some Mr Tumble for the former. Try and avoid screen time wherever I can, much to the disgruntlement of the girls, but there are times when a bit of down time is good and when I need to get a bit of sorting done…

This was followed by a gentle and beautifully sunny Monday. F is finally not being sick all the time (brings back memories of when H was little and projectile sick ALL the time, how did I ever cope?!) but is still v clingy so getting anything done is a project in itself, let along anything that actually needs doing. A 3year old melt down about what she was – or wasn’t – going to wear made getting out of the house to school challenging and we only just made it, then headed on down to the church for the Easter service. I was able to make out M’s head occasionally – they are so packed in and being so short only makes it harder to spot her, singing to her heart’s content with her proud grin!

We pottered at home, before heading off to meet Tracy and Will for a picnic and play in the playground then on to playgroup and making easter nests.

Trip to the chiro after picking up M to try and sort out my stiffness and bad right foot, all v v frustrating and I haven’t been able to run or even walk properly since last weekend:-(


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