Shiva Sutras: Swa padam shakti-hi

Tuesday 22nd March

I have been doing a Living Wisdom course with The Yoga Sanctuary via an online link – perfect for managing to achieve something in an evening as well as get the girls settled in bed (eventually – come on F, we need to get this bedtime and nighttime bit sorted out now)…

It has all made sense and progressively, each week, I have learnt to look at myself and readdress how I interact with an appreciate the world around me. All things that I know but each time, a poignant reminder to let go of all the ‘stuff’.

Today’s was particularly so:

Swa padam shaktihi:

We have everything that we need within ourselves already for whatever life may bring:
whatever is coming to us in our life, we are already equiped/inbuilt with every faculty/power/intelligence that we need to meet that challenge…so stay rooted in ourself..



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