We’re all going on an Easter Holiday…


Thursday 24th March

A long day starting with getting 3 girls plus all the accessories necessary for a week away in a possibly wet and cold environment, requiring clothes, bedding, books & wet weather contingencies, groceries & food, plus an attempt to leave the house clean and tidy. Setting off at 8.40 having achieved most of this wasn’t bad (in fact I reckon it wasn’t far off the miraculous, as H proudly stated on more than one occasion this week, “it’s because you’re amazing, mummy”!)

Packed lunches consumed by 9am.

Due to pick up daddy at Leyland, as a stop off point conveniently placed not too far from the m6 and a short train ride from his conference in Liverpool, eta 12.30. He then let me know he wasn’t getting that train and wouldn’t be in until 1.30, as we were bowling along nicely and eta closer to 11.45-12. Humm. Detoured to call in on Mary and Owen, newly moved to near Knutsford, near my old first school of poynton – funny things, memories: I still remember the feeling of utter elation at being offered that first teaching position. Sad how things have changed in the teaching profession (and my career!) since then. Just as we set off I got another call from daddy to say that he was going to be at Preston instead…..costing us about an extra hour and a half due to appalling traffic as we trawled and and out at what had suddenly become rush hour. Not impressed!!

Finally arrived at the cottage by tea time, to find Elspie there, the fire lit and everything lovely and clean and toasty, not the usual damp empty cold arrival! By the time the family Follows arrived, the girls had had bedtime and happily settled down in the excitement of their new surroundings, we had enjoyed a few drinks, tea by the fire and were comfortably asleep. Happy days (just need to work on the sleep bit now – the girls need to toe the line!)


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