Friday 25th March

There is nothing quite like waking up at the cottage for the first time in a while (it’s been a couple of years), with the sun shining in on us, looking out over priests crag the that first cup of tea, and hearing nothing but sheep and birds (well, that isn’t counting over excited and demanding small people!)

Up and out early to meet the Marshalls by 9.15 at the bottom of Catbells, the other side of Derwentwater. Due to the horrendous damage of the storms and floods before Christmas, many roads are still closed or damaged. We were early enough to find a spot for 3 cars to park, even then already about half an mile away from the base of the fell. Set off with 7 small people, one in a backpack, 2 happily bouncing along and the others needing cajoling in various levels of seriousness during the day! As Paul posted on his db page, “application of chaos theory ensured 7 small people reached the top of Catbells with minimum fuss and maximum smiles”. Fabulous day: sunshine all day (opps, Managed to let F get a burnt face), H climbed all the way to the top and back down all on her own: not bad for 3 and a half; fabulous views, picnic in the sun by the beach on shores of the lake, then tea at Blakehills with everyone on the way home. Fire and good wine and great company of sisters and brothers in law with that wonderful glow of a satisfying walk and a good day. Even my foot survived (how to combat the vague but incredibly painful metatarsalgia). Well done all!


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