Easter Sunday

Sunday 27th March

Easter Sunday! Marshalls & Grandoarents&Elspie turned up at the cottage in time for church at Matterdale, sermon a good point to reflect up one: what happens when we die? Enjoy the lives we have… Driving sleet and hail as we arrived at church, a burst of sunshine then back to hail and rain. So bad even the usual Easter egg hunt outside the church was cancelled?!

Blakehills for lunch, impressive numbers of us: Williams, Haslegraves, Becks, Mackenzies, Tomlins, Webbs, Marshalls, Follows…24 of us in total! Wintery walk up the back and around. Had to skip past the farmyard to Sam & Meg

‘s disappointment: no helping with the the lambing as a sheep was having a caesarean, opened a whole new level of questioning, awareness and consternation! Luckily all was well. Less easy to explain a couple of days on, the pile of dead lambs…

Visit from the Easter bunny timed with another hailstorm so search was v brief!

Sadly had to say goodbyes all too quickly to Janet and Al & Jane, Ellie & Owen.

Marshalls came back to stay at the cottage, taking bedtime to a new level with 7 tired children to process and settle to sleep…. Granny Anna Bapa and Elspie came back too for delicious diner together (once oeace reigned upstairs!)


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