Fishing, Dipping, Paddling

Wednesday 30th March

Started the day with glorious sunshine setting off the sparkling white sprinkling of snow dusting the view from the cottage. So frustrating that due to my foot (metatarsalgia, since mid march) I haven’t been able to run for 3 weeks now, and this morning would have been magic. Think my body is telling me to rest. Yoga instead..

Blakehills for coffee and lambing. The girls were entranced – and intrigued – by the new lambs, the sheep, the whole caboosh.

Goodbyes to the Williams, then home for lunch at the cottage, joined later by the Caldbeck lot.

Fabulous afternoon in the sunshine down by the beck behind the cottage with fishing rods, paddling, climbing….we even had a dramatic rescue and rehousing of stranded frogspawn. Stunning light. H & William in their element just paddling around and ‘fishing’.

Sad farewells to Granny Anna and Bapa.


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