We Love Weekends

Saturday 2nd April

Good to wake up back at home, despite the anxst about not wishing to leave or whether we should have gone and stayed with the Marshalls for a few days. Sunshine also, which helped.

M. enjoyed a fabulous party of Abi’s with magicians, games and balloons…H, F & I called in on Ethan’s party and ended up staying, before collecting M.

Stunning sunshine. Feels positively warm.

Very gentle afternoon with sorting, playing and bike rides.


Sunday 3rd April

The girls loving being home. Happy days. More sunshine helps.

Acted out a puppet show or ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’, inspired by ‘Tiddler and other Tales’ from the other day.

Gentle day with bike rides around the common – the girls revelling in being allowed to cycle around the opposite way to F and I. Obligatory troll and billy goats gruff along the way. Picnic of hot chocolate and homemade flapjack on our new stools in the garden once home. Next step is to pimp our garden and get our veggies growing…


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