Shiva Sutra 10

Only someone who is happy, joyful and peaceful in themselves can bring happiness, joy or peace to the rest of the world.
There is no use trying to change the world if I have not first cultivated that change in myself. You can’t offer what is not yours to offer.
The one who is connected to their own natural state of being, their own inner nature, a state of perpetual, causeless happiness (not happy/sad), emirates rays of happiness outwards.
The greatest gift that we can give to the world is to cultivate our own inner sense of nature, to become at one with ourselves. To be established with our on goodness & happiness inside, will inspire and uplift. Establish yourself in yourself: the light, happiness, peace will shine out to others. Find the pot of treasure inside your own chest!
We have to get over the feeling that it is selfish or self indulgent to take care of ourselves – yet if we lose the centre of happiness in ourselves we will lose sight of everything else: if we are fundamentally miserable, we will leave a trail of this everywhere we go. If you start taking care of your energy field, your fundamental being, reconnect and come back to yourself, then the path will become well trod, then you will come back refreshed and find it easier the next time.
Recognise within yourself, wherever you are, if you have made this connection within yourself, then you are automatically emanating rays of happiness out from yourself. We share, like we share a cough, our deep inner love, this peace/contentment/calm/happiness, which will affect those around us. ‘The quiet, inner work.’ When you get centred within yourself, your breathing will slow down and if you are the strongest energy field, those around you will start to slow their breathing automatically and feel that inner peace also’.
Be a doorway to all those around you to also connect with themselves, to walk through to another place.


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