Holidays at Home

Monday 4th April

Craft and card making in the morning for birthdays and thankyou’s:

First holiday swimming lesson this morning. H did really well, as did M.

Zoo with Rosie, Thomas & Veronica. Shame about the rain (that didn’t really let up until we were about to leave) but the kids had a great time nevertheless. Always a good day out and always something more to learn. Cheetahs miaow like cats when there is a predator nearby as a warning or to call family close by.

Tuesday 5th April

Swimming again, the the girls’ new best friends (from swimming) Romily and Rosie, with Patty and Seb, came back to ours to play outside in the sunshine.

Jacky came over after lunch outside, as as we set off to the shop and down to the water with an ice cream, leaving the sheets out on the line, the heavens opened again and drenched us. Ice creams consumed shuddering in the shelter outside coop, watching the rain lash down just beyond us. Wasn’t quite part of the game plan?! Stories and playing at home, until we discovered mice residing behind our sofa. Always good for another challenge to deal with…(grrrr)

Wednesday 6th April

Last holiday swimming lesson – H has improved her confidence no end, and M has focused so much more.

Straight on to meet Amber George and Toby at theirs. Happy playing inside with the true April showers happening, then stayed for lunch. Had a list of things to do at home and shopping, but it didn’t take much persuasion to join Ted and the boys at 100 acres for a play and run around, tree climbing, den making, balancing, swinging, climbing, sand castle creating…

Tea at home and card making. Always some craft on the go, just a shame I can’t keep on top of the housework and washing and sorting?!




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