Beach & Bikes

Thursday 7th April

Met Tracy, ella and Will at Meonshore for a wild and windy couple of hours, collecting shells and having a little walk in the wind, enjoying rolling, making things with found objects and paddling in the waves….before the heavens opened and a gale lashed us until we made it back to the car. Homemade pizza at home for lunch, then gentle playing. Girls still tired.

All the seeds we bought the other morning haven’t been used yet….another day??


Friday 8th April

Swanage was cancelled (to my relied – just too tired and none of us feel that well yet, particularly with so little sleep) so we planned a gentle at home day.

It turned out that I had missed an invite to Lizzie and Tilly’s as I’ve had problems with my phone. We didn’t have a car, so the girls cycled along the river and up to their house for lunch and playing. Spotted 5 curlews along the river! A long way along a bumpy path:

Twinkle twinkle, bumpy path, how you make me rattle and laugh. Rocky stones, puddly pools, enough to rattle all my bones, twinkly twinkle bumpy path, how you make me rattle and laugh.

Lovely relaxed lunch and playing. Rain cleared so we all set off for a walk back down to the donkeys, ponies & llamas, then we said our goodbyes and continued on back home along the towpath at high tide. Good effort by the girls (‘snakes’ certainly helped along the way)!

F has cut 2 new teeth this holiday and is so nearly walking on her own. H has gained so much confidence climbing, cycling, chatting and just being. M is reading all the time and has appreciated some down time and plenty of imaginative play, away from the academic pressures of Year 1.


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