Gentle weekends

…for growing the soul. Much needed down time for our family this weekend. Or then again, perhaps not…

Saturday 9th April

A brief foray down to the sailing club as newbies to help sort Opi’s for the new season. Sunshine and milkshakes on the way home.

The newly acquired (eBay) bunkbeds were burning a hole in the car so Daddy caved in to the excitement of 2 small people (would be 3 if F knew what she was being excited about – she made do with just clapping her hands and being excited like her big sisters!) and set out to build bunkbeds in their room. This involving completely clearing aforementioned room first. Gulp.

Cancelled going to a friend’s housewarming half an hour away at teatime and felt really bad – briefly – then completely vindicated when all the girls kicked off at bedtime (early) as they were so tired – me too.

I am missing running. Apparently my foot is sore due to either a stress fracture (nothing to be done but rest) or it is ‘metatarsalgia’ i.e.. foot pain (nothing to be done but rest). Grrr. Realising how much I value my weekend morning runs along the beach for some me time far more than the activity itself. Although I am desperately missing the activity too. Been a month now and I MISS RUNNING! So much for the new, unworn trainers…

Instead of feeling fit and calm, I collapsed on the sofa with a stove, big glass of (very good) red wine and caught up on The Voice. Hummm.

Sunday 10th April

I still missing running.

Got my lie in this morning. Much needed (think my body has gone into shut down) and Daddy and the girls had fun playing – trashing – downstairs. Seems as much as we clear up, more mess is generated.

Took F out in pram for a nap with the others on their bikes to romp around the common. H so confident now, it is a pleasure to watch. M still really tired and not quite herself:-( Sad she is back to school tomorrow…

Girls got themselves dressed as usual (leaving mayhem in their wake, but they are great – usually – at getting themselves up and dressed. Love that H chose to wear the smockinged top made by Granny Twiggy that has sat in the back of the wardrobe waiting and waiting to be worn!)

More tidying. Sorting. ARGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Job application done – why??? 3.5 days probably spread over a week might be the thing that finally kills me so why (other than the obvious financial) the compulsion to apply for something too far away with too many hours and expectations of teaching in the current climate of education?!

More tidying – J is a star.

Escaped for a quick but wonderful half hour cycle down to the water and back.

Set off with M & H to watch friend David sing a final in his choir’s concert with the Bournemouth Symphony, was worth going. Think M enjoyed it too:-) Was relieved that F was quiet and not too wriggly!

Tired tired tired. House still in chaos – less so now, although it is all condensed into the spare room. Bunkbeds installed and now we await the mattresses.

Next focus: F’s 1st birthday. Where did that year go?


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