Sunny garden living

Tuesday 12th April

Little Oms baby groups again this morning, lovely to see everyone. F was a star. Shows how important singing and repetition is to little people.

Picked up a very happy H from Buttercups, having had a lovely morning. Wearing Granny Twiggy’s lovely homemade top with beautiful smocking – that has had so many comments I really should be learning how to do it myself!

Flat tyre on the bike trailer, ouch.

Wonderful Jacky came this afternoon for a lovely playtime in the garden. It was so lovely hearing H so animatedly playing shops with her. Assault course after she left (initiated and planned by H) on our new – recycled – baby climbing frame (salvaged from the bins), which has gone down a treat with all the girls. Stories in the warm sunshine, still warm at 6pm when M came home from gym. Summer here we come:-)

I managed to even start to sort some of the washing that has taken on a life of its own in the spare room. Hold that thought – I had intended to finish it this evening but instead find myself procrastinating.

Bedtime now…one day perhaps there will be some energy in the evenings but not until we address F’s sleep?! Can’t believe she is nearly one. Suddenly imitating/copying sounds and linking sounds to objects/pictures, like woof at a dog picture; clapping when others clap, signing dog/more/milk/bird… So nearly walking independently. Proper little person and cheeky with it. Always a sunny smile!


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