Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine…

Tuesday 12th April

Notes taken during Living Wisdom Shiva Sutras:

In order to get what you want, you must already want what you have.

Be abundant, be big in your ideas, have with it. enjoy the ride but don’t get too caught up in it.
@12: Chitam mantra:
Let your mind become the mantra.
Make your mind the mantra.
Mantra: greek root ‘man’ = mind,  ‘tra’ = to set free
 i.e.. a device that allows the mood to open from its tightness, to liberate your mind
One’s mind is constant in its thought making/generating – not a bad thing but a repetitive thought will get stuck, our minds can be a prison.
Our minds need something to attach themselves to; our thoughts are essentially selfish.
Shiva says that there is something we can do – we can’t stop our minds so we have to give our mind an alternative thought, to expand out from the ‘me-centric’ state of the mind: a mantra. This can be any thought-form that reminds us to release the normal self-thought process.
If we learn to catch ourselves, we can use this to disrupt our thinking process, then we bring in the mantra.
If we can retrain our mind to feel into things other than the self-centric, it can be positive and powerful, it will start to expand and open up.
Thinking what you want to think, not what you do think. The mantra mind will gradually become more powerful than the pschological mind.
You can use more than one mantra, but the one phrase, the one central thought will uproot all the others. Let this one take you through your life. Eg. ‘I wish to open and grow”/‘breathe’/‘relax’/‘I love life’
Giving your mind one line of thought/enquiry, rather than bombarding it with hundreds, will focus and liberate it.  Learn to flick a switch….gradually turn your energy to just one thing, a higher thought, aw
Mantra means remembering – so remember yourself. Every time you return to the higher thinking you are wining; your mind will always revert back to the normal stresses and worries but the more often you manage to overcome this with your mantra, to bring yourself back, the more powerful it will become.
Om shanti.
Here’s to us taking small steps to self mastery, to a deeper connection within ourselves.
My mantra: Sunshine!

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