One Year

Thursday 14th April 2016

…And what a year. Year and a half?!

So our wonderful surprise gorgeous little girl turned one today. Where did that year go? Nearly walking, signing, singing, laughing, always smiling, determined…. Two very special big sisters to show her the way (not always the right way either!) and one very big, very happy (usually) family:-) Lucky lucky. Three peas in a pod. Two very proud parents (if a bit ragged around the edges).

Celebrated with presents for all three girls in bed this morning, sunny day at the zoo, then a fabulous party in the garden this afternoon, polished off with cup cakes:-)

I’ve just finished reading ‘Sarah’s Key’ – set in Paris in 1942 and based around the horrific round up of French Jews and their subsequent ‘extinction’, through a superbly written plot and the voice  of two characters in two different worlds –  a particularly poignant reminder of how very lucky we are. It might not be easy bringing up children. It might sometimes feel like the hardest thing we’ve ever done. This past year certainly has challenged in every possible way. But it is also the most wonderful, amazing, precious thing that I have ever done and although I know I frequently don’t get it right, I hope that the times I do make it Ok. Maybe even more than Ok. I look back at my wonderful special childhood and hope that I can provide my three with similar memories. Helped by wonderful friends and an amazing husband.

Happy Birthday gorgeous girl.



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