Saturday 16th April

Gentle saturday with Nanny & Grandpa visiting, to the girls’ great excitement. New lego box made by grandpa, as well as a new bee hotel, now safely installed on the wall of the garage. Fits in well with M’s topic of mini beasts this half term at school too.

Sad Happy Birthday to F with cake – that makes it at least 4 ‘parties’; think she is getting very used to being sung to and presented with cake… Have perfected my healthy muffin/carrot cakes so happy with that recipe (I would write it down but it is a bit made up: carrot, desiccated coconut, cinnamon, raisons, a couple of spoons of sugar, a bit of honey – she is one now after all! – some flour and a spoonful of bicarb of soda, with a bit of milk and an egg. Think I even forgot the butter this time!) Needless to say, the chocolate cakes went down a treat with everyone else?!

Bunkbeds had been put up last weekend by Daddy and today time was given to get the room vaguely sorted for the girls’ to all sleep in their new beds, more than just excitement. Needless to say, sleep took a while to come this evening…

Still plenty of sorting in the spare room but at least we felt we had got somewhere.

Thanks Nanny & Grandpa:-)



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