Sunny Sundays

Sunday 17th April

Fantastic day. Managed a second run of the weekend – my foot (metatarsalgia or stress fracture) is still not great but over a month of resting from running has really helped (although I have really missed it). Great to get down to the beach again in the freshness of a new morning with the promise of a day ahead.

Some sorting (addressing the issue of mice in the attic, grrr), air guitar en famille then a walk with the girls on bikes around the common to get F to sleep. Beautiful day. Only downer being J doing something to his back, which has totally seized up, laying him out flat for the whole day. We could have got so much done as a team today…:-(

Picnic lunch outside then gardening. Didn’t manage to the the potatoes or carrots in as planned (although at one point I didn’t think I was going to get a chance to get anything done: that frustrating period of time with small clingy children is short-lived but instantly frustrating whilst in it!). I am realising that now F is one year old, she should have stopped the day time feeds – she was doing so but the last few days has fed night and day much more often. Next steps: to address both this and the night time feeding and waking….?? At least I get the chance to read whilst I feed – at present I am reading ‘Wonder’ by R J Palacio, which is gripping, touching and beautifully written.

Potted up a whole load of seeds so cross fingers. Last year I planted everything straight out into the veggie boxes but it got a bit overgrown as I didn’t thin them all out enough. This year I’m planning to germinate them first, then plant the seedlings so I can (hopefully) be more in control. Here’s hoping, anyway. The girls had great fun making a water slide, making soup for our dinner, then making and wearing a new brand perfume. F got completely soaked in the bucket of water but had a ball. Happy days.


Finished with a great tea service at church. The parable of the lost sheep, lots of sheep related activities and singing and tea and friends. Nice way to end a lovely relaxed weekend. Sometimes wish I was homeschooling so we could have every day like this, rather than the stress of the school run and constant bombardment of information and things to do beyond my control…


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