Monday Monkeys…

Monday 18th April

M & H decided to be twins today (just happened to be on the day school places were announced – although I still feel so strongly that H shouldn’t be starting school yet) so both started the day dressed in school summer dresses! Poor M very tired and reluctant to go to school:-( Still wish I homeschooled sometimes so we could go at a more gentle pace…

H so confident on her bike now, we go at great speed and it has really improved the school run no end. Great admiration from all at a 3 and a half year old being so very confident on her bike as she sails into the playground!

Made bird feeders and did some gardening in the sunshine before friend Rosie arriving for H and her to monkey around together… Jelly making, new aprons and cooking things for birthday presents (R), then playgroup.

Tea at Phoebe and Oliver’s with their new trampoline to everyone’s delight.

Just finished reading ‘Wonder’ – very beautifully crafted and touching…

Tuesday 19th April

Buttercups and Baby Yoga. Cycled up to collect with the bike trailer. I might not be able to run very well but I must be doing something with the cycling?! Wonderful Jacky allowed me to do a bit more of the always ongoing sorting.H and F had a lovely afternoon playing in the garden. H watered all our wonderful bluebells then they had a grand time in the swings. I managed to get a bit more weeding done. Planted the potatoes and carrots, and have seeded marigolds, beetroot, purple sprouting broccoli, dwarf french beans, tomatoes…

Impromptu visit from Gilly as we all sat in the garden and enjoyed the warmth of the sunshine:-)


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