Living Wisdom

Thoughts from the Living Wisdom class… now I need to find time enough to focus

Choose to do something well – or chose not to do it! Don’t get into a (n internal) fight about it.

Shiva Sutra no.12:
Guru Rupia
The guru = the means/the way/the path
ie. If you wish to have success on this path, to fully liberate yourself, to discover and embody yourself, then you will have to follow the guru.
So WHO/WHAT is the guru and WHERE is the guru??
The Guru is the GUIDE.
The Guru is IN YOU. In your heart, as a force of truth and love.
There might also be a guru outside of you, but if you have the benefit of this external teacher, the point of this teacher is to point you back to the guide within yourself.
A classic saying in Yoga: “When the student is ready, the guru appears”; so to understand this sutra, we have to understand what makes the student ready??
SO WHAT MAKES US READY/AVAILABLE to meet this GURU/ connection/to tap into this source within ourselves?
We must have started to doubt our mind as guidance, which makes us available to listen to alternatives. Start to trust something other than what we are used to –
As long as our ego thinks it is the best guidance, it is ok, but when you start to hear doubts, perhaps you are ready. There is an energy to the Guru where it starts to have some sway and control over our lives.
Start to recognise that there is something inside of us, a voice of clarity, guiding, that knows spontaneously the idea moves in the chess board of my life – and this is something that we can listen to, and dare to have the courage to react to this. Inwardly guided by an all-knowing intelligence: God/the Guru himself. Choose to listen, or chose not to listen.
We are being guided – and we could start to trust – the presence in us that knows the way, listening to a quiet voice. We can be given so much advice – but we have to verify it with the inner voice. The problem with having external guru’s is that the clarification doesn’t take place and we become weak and reliant on others – then we are likely to blame. A yogi does not blame anyone. If you don’t verify with yourself, you might end up feeling that you have been let down and you might then begin to point the finger: you are a fool. Most people are happy to give advice, voices in our head, but it isn’t necessarily the right advice for us. False guru’s, not the ones to follow.
“The foolish man build his house upon the sand…”
Be careful not to let everyone’s opinions crowd you before you are ready to open up to external influences, Like not wishing to get the flu just before you get on a plane to go away. Sometimes you need to make a decision and act on something before letting other people know about it. Let your relationship with your Guru grow first, before anyone else. It takes precedence so you are less likely to follow other people’s influences. Following the truth teller is more a reward than apparently getting it right in society. When you have the strength to make a decision that goes against what is approved of or seen as right, you know that you have a good relationship with your Guru.
The one friend who will never ever leave you, is your Guru.

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