Painting paper – or people?

Wednesday 27th April

Happy morning after a very early start reading stories in bed (we are ploughing through the no-feeding-no-sleeping-in-our-bed with F but at considerable cost to us!!) we then entered melt down land with H. No come back. How to help and avoid tantrums like this in the future? Going to reread ‘the Whole-Brain Child’ by Daniel J. Seigel for ideas.

Had been lovely up until then:


We made it out, then I had a futile hour driving into town to pick up some furniture but being unable to enter the building to do so. Grrr.

Returned back to collect a (happier and calmer) H from Buttercups and picking up Finlay also from his preschool, we were joined by Thea and Angie. Played outside with various games, until we hit upon the plan of painting. Lots of paint. Lots and lots. Mainly on the paper and stones and cardboard containers and egg boxes. Also considerable amounts of clothes, faces, in mouths (F)…fun was certainly had by all!


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