Happy Bank Holiday

Saturday 30th April

Started the sunny long weekend with a run. Foot still not fully better but enough to enjoy getting down to the beach and enjoying the early morning sunshine. (Shame it being overshadowed by a distinct lack of sleep still due to F developing a cold and possibly teething, just as we were getting her nearly sleeping through….oh well. Sunshine makes it all feel better somehow.)

Had a wonderful 45 minutes at an interactive Storytelling Workshop for 3-7 year olds, which both M & H got really into, as meerkats amongst other things. Hoping this might be the start of a breakthrough in H’s fear of the dark, the noise, theatres etc??

Followed this by a visit to Itchen Valley, where we started with pine cone skittles in the car park and continued with the play trail, playground with zip wire and climbing (and of course a swing for F), wander through the bluebell woods, and finished with another playground, F asleep in the sling and a sit down with a cuppa in the sunshine for mummy and daddy. A rare occasion indeed…

Visit from Ju and Henry for a late supper and v late night for the girls. Would be fine if only we could get some decent sleep too – come on F!

Sunday 1st May

Another stunning day. (After another broken night, ahem). Took F out in the pram for an early nap, with both girls on their bikes in the sunshine, around the common. Another run in the sun along the beach. Stories read, flapjack made, washing on, intensive den making and playing, sunflowers planted, all before 10am?!

Very wonderful, gentle day just at home in the garden, dens, climbing, making perfume, weeding, defrosting the freezer (creating an artic scene with the ice, especially the fish ice cubes!), spring cleaning of the play house. Discovered a hornet/wasps nest on the ceiling of the playhouse in the same position as the last 2 years – carefully took it down for the girls to take into school and preschool. A spider sac of eggs?? also discovered. Plenty of cobwebs and cleaning and hey presto, a new playhouse fit for princesses for the summer:-)

Only other trip was down to the shop on bikes for an ice-cream mid afternoon. Quite a sight with snow white and princess dresses tucked up in knickers, billowing out behind them as they sailed down the main road in style!

Early tea and early bed for the children, then a thai curry (home-cooked) and film for us, with what must be the last stove of the year?!!

Monday 2nd May

A very different day. A final run, this time in the grey, whilst the girls watched animated shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights’ Dream plus more TV and F and Daddy slept.

Met Tracy, Ella and Will on bikes on the common for cycling around on own and climbing trees in the ‘den’.

Sorting of washing etc, trips to tip, tidying, playing. Early nights all round. House tidy and ready for baby yoga, plenty achieved this weekend as well as lovely positive happy family time. Let’s just focus on that rather than on that great long list disappearing into the shadows of the spare bedroom (what can be seen from under the piles of baby clothes for sorting etc) of all those things yet to do….



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