Bees & Butterflies

Tuesday 3rd May

Baby Yoga and happy faces. F really relaxed and enjoyed both classes (most of them at least?!)

Another full day at Buttercups – big smiles from H:-) Cycled home with the trailer, that hill just gets bigger! Happy time in the garden with M & her friends before they went off to gym and we carried on playing before rushing off to the Drs. H’s cough just gets worse and I really think in hindsights that much of her clinginess and not coping is due to constantly feeling under the weather, as well as chronic sleep deprivation due to a constant cough that prevents her regularly getting enough REM sleep at night. Time to really address this: diet changes – as dairy and wheat free as possible as well as the inhaler?

Finally: Our caterpillars have arrived! Finlay and Ethan gave these to H for her last birthday so finally sent off for them. Time to watch and wait…


Wednesday 4th May

Buttercups again for the morning. Cycled to pick up and home in the wonderful sunshine. Amazing Jacky came for the afternoon in the garden, fielding F &H whilst I got all those ‘bits’ sorted and ticked off the always impossibly long list.

The bees are properly settled in their new bee house that grandpa built. Very exciting. M is doing all about mini beasts and bees and school. We need to research the plight of the bee more – why isn’t the Government doing more about what is a truly devastating problem for our entire fragile ecosystem and economy but seems as yet just not recognised???


Collected M then Amber George and Toby came for tea in the garden. Outside playing until bedtime. Lovely.

Meeting at school for H and new intake. Why do I feel like I’ve failed her in not following my gut and insisting that we keep her back from school for one more year, rather than starting as the youngest?????

Clare and I joined each other with a glass of wine and needle and thread to sew on all the Beavers badges in the right place!


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