Counting Jumps

Thursday 5th May

Fabulous day.

H was a star – no fuss, got herself up and dressed and ready to go, then proudly showed us Nelson the tortoise and the new almost fully grown chickens and preschool. No tears – just M having a wobble. Sat and read stories in the sun after calling in ill, then walked in much happier, albeit an hour and a half late.

Collected H in the trailer for a sunny stop and picnic at the playground, meeting Les and Zac there, then home for proper garden play. Another den, tractors and cars outside, counting and number blocks – counted leaves for the appropriate number blocks on the paper plates (decorated of course) that H & Zac had played parties with… Climbing and jumping. Dressing up and attending to my feet as doctors. Story time and singing. Felt like my own little preschool!!

Took bikes for a spin around the common to get F to sleep, then home for tea in the garden. Bed and asleep before M got home from tea at Abi’s followed by Beavers. Exciting busy times and I’m loving being so relaxed and just at home:-)



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