Dinner Parties & Parents

Friday 13th MAy

Wonderful dinner ‘Casa D’Wainman’ – thanks to such wonderful friends who go to such amazing efforts for us all:-)

Thanks also to wonderful parents for babysitting:-)

Saturday 14th May

Fabulous day with Mum & Dad, playing the the garden, sorting the attic, getting baby things tidied up and ready to pass on. Next stages. F took her first proper steps with us all here. Very exciting, and her excitement makes it all the more so, as well as that of her big sisters.

Another evening out – feel almost grown up! Eurovision Song Contest never was so enthralling…Good company made it bearable at least.


Sunday 15th May

There is something special about those early mornings we are enduring – opps – enjoying. This morning was a fantastic rainbow. Special.

Dens in the garden and a proper campout ensued with all three girls playing beautifully together.

M’s friend Naomi had a fantastic party with Longdown Mobile Farm, bouncy castle, wonderful garden and games. All helped by the sunshine. H stayed too – and was happy enough on her own for me to take a sleeping F in a sling and go to meet old friend Tim at the pub just up the road. Great to see him again after so long. Happy days.


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