Camping Solo

Thursday 23rd June

M followed the instructions entirely herself to put together a new lego set. Good work!

F. into shoes. Seem to remember this 5 years ago!

Friday 24th – Sunday 26th June

J. had to fly to Portugal for a conference – so with the shocking shocking, devastating news of Brexit sickening to the core, I packed up and set off with the girls after swimming to the New Forest to join a whole group of other families camping. J came to help set up, then disappeared, leaving me flying solo! Survived – and enjoyed:-)

No sleep from F, though the others slept through, whoohoo! Everyone was wonderful at offering help. Managed on my own (‘I CAN DO THIS’, SHE MURMURED THROUGH GRITTED TEETH….except when she failed to refit a new gas canister in the little camping stove, comedy moment?!)

Had a  7-mile bike ride on Saturday, H cycling all the way – all the others her age on seats or tag along, go H:-)

Swimming. Playing playing playing. BBQs. Wine. Good food. Fun times.

Swam after packing up, then made our way home to unpack and sort, then join st Paul’s tea service. Good end to a great – if exhausting – weekend:-)


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