I Think I May Have Found The Plan

It all seems so pointless, so twisted, and I feel so helpless. What does this mean for our future and that of our children?? Scared scared scared and so extremely angry.

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My blog post of yesterday, predicting that we are now living through the Eighties again, seems all the more relevant today as I woke to the news that the pound has not fallen this low since about 1985. This was the year that the miner’s strike reached its peak, Enoch Powell climbed out of his box to spread more hatred, this time about the Wandsworth Riots, and Arthur Negus died.

The Antiques Roadshow has never been the same since. I have to watch it on catch up now, due to my perpetual irritation with Fiona Bruce’s dreadful taste in suits.

When they come to collate the events of 2016 on Wikipedia, they’re going to need more than a page. At the moment we’re on about a page an hour and rising. Eventually they will have to invent an entirely new Internet just for Brexit. Currently, boffins at CERN are working out how…

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