Still so angry, frustrated and scared….anyone else?

Not prepared to just lie over and take this without a fight. There must be enough people prepared to stand up and be counted, to shout out ‘enough’ and create enough voice to stop it all before it goes even more horribly wrong (if that is possible) than it already has???? I am ashamed to be British. I am disgusted at the steady stream of stories I keep hearing about racist and ignorant attacks on ‘non-Brits’ who are a part of our communities yet are suddenly open to attack (from people who I would safely assume give far less to the country??)

I write this blog as a way of recounting my little little life and that of my children – and it is for us and us only really – but I hope that perhaps social media, facebook, blogging etc might provide a means to unite enough people to stand up and fight for unity, for opportunities, for a peaceful, united Britain within the EU, before it really is too late, both for my little little life, for that of my children, and for us all…. As I make cake decorations – for my nearly four year old’s flower fairy garden birthday party – I ponder the farcical events of the past two weeks and really truly hope that we can somehow stem this tide of racism, misjudgement and blindness, and somehow rebuild a sense of trust, of hope and of a vision for a peaceful and unified future with our neighbours.


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