Early 4th Birthday Party

Saturday 16th July

This seems to be a way forward: have an alternative party date to a summer-holiday birthday. Invited friends from both preschools, school to be and friends from home. Weather was wonderful, garden looked great (if I say so myself!) and plans panned out. The only thing we perhaps fell down on was having refreshments for adults – but with no one except guests to help and with it being so hot that no one needed to venture inside, we managed. Help came from Veronica’s mum and we muddled along.

Flower fairy and Elf themed garden party:

Crafts: decorating paper party bags, coloured flower pots, crowns/tiaras and making pencil wands with pipe cleaners and colourful beads. Painting flower fairy shrinkie dinkies that I managed to bake before everyone went home!

Sand pit and fairy gardens including miniature animals and fairy furniture to play with in the painted up – pimped – old tyres.

Games were in the back garden: pass the parcel, musical fairy statues and bumps. Lots of dancing!

Treasure hunt: with clues leading to the next hidden treasure trove and prizes at each stop around the garden, via the ball pit and sand pit! The final treasure was by the fairy garden, with a fairy door.

Picnic lunch was under the bunting-laden large gazebo (leant by friends) in the sunshine of the front garden.

Party bags: were the self-decorated white paper bags, containing prizes from the treasure hunt (wild flower seeds in a special envelope, bird whistle, mini windmill, butterfly on a stick, chocolate coins, fairy dust in a miniature bottle) plus the shrinkie dinkies, plus the self-decorated little flower pots planted up with soil and wild flower seed mix.

Happy days!

Treasure hunt clues to follow!


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