Tuesday 20th September

Happy Birthday, Granny Anna!

A grey day. Daddy took H to wonderful Buttercups and M got on with her lego kit from Uncle Martin and Patricia. Felt rather sad to have to drag her away to go to school! She at least bounced in this morning, after being literally pushed in, in tears last week:-(

Coffee for new Year R parents – felt a bit of an intruder given that H isn’t there yet but hey, this will be our social group, and so met some lovely parents:-)

Walked the long way home to (eventually) get F to sleep and then luxuriated in a yoga flow – need to regain some ‘me’ space if I am going to have enough of me to give the girls. Started to tidy although I’m not sure where to start, and of course, F woke up so it blew any sorting that I might have got done. My ToDo list simply gets longer and longer without anything getting crossed off it! Felt much calmer about it all though at least.

Exciting news of the day, which is a sure sign that I truly need to get out more, is that F – at 15 months – said ‘poo’ and looked v intent, so we went into the cloakroom and sat her on the loo, then the potty, then back to the loo, and so on…and nada. Five minutes later the same thing, and she really had a ‘poo face’, so back we went. And tadah – a poo!!!!! Out of cot, tick. Running and tootling around, tick. Out of nappies, SOON, I hope:-) Sleeping through the night, please please let this be the norm now…..

Her speech is improving at a rate of knots – she delighted today in roaring at me whilst brandishing a tiger flannel puppet. H came home with a great egg box filled with Autumn treasures. She then returned to playing with her lego ice cream van and people, with a proper conversation going on – ‘small world play’ eat your heart out. I am so, so, so glad that she is not at school this term. Stuck with my gut reaction (and just hope that we shouldn’t have waited for her start to be next year as I wanted but had left too late grr).

Mad mummy moment, having cycled all the way up to the shops to return some trainers for M that were too small – only to discover the bag with the aforementioned trainers was still at home, with my wallet and phone. So went on, with bike and trailer, to collect H. The girls cycled 3.4 miles yesterday, I then cycled 10.9 miles today with the bike trailer with small people. Got to be doing me some good???

H & M did well at gym – v proud that H just got on with it and looked so grown up despite being the youngest there, by a few years in some cases). Unsurprisingly, they were all tired at bedtime?! Reading Brambly Hedge again, after polishing off Matilda and James and the Giant Peach. Library trip required.



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