Butterfly Signing

8th October

We have used signing with M,H & F. It is becoming so obvious even 3rd time around how vital this is as a stage of communication. F delights in describing her world around her and her place within it and interactions/requirements with and from those close by. ‘Help me’ at the top of the slide – accompanied by the sign makes her meaning truly clear. ‘Aeroplane, dog, butterfly, please, drink, more, cake, yoghurt, biscuit, drink, milk, bath, tea, book, cow, pig, sheep, duck, horse, song, bike, helmet…..’ As her singing become more prolific, the easier it is to interpret her meaning and to praise her and repeat the word, so enhancing her learning of the word also.

Recorded her counting to 10 the other day. All I can surmise is that not only talking to her, having big sisters and all the accompanying social interaction, but, as with M & H, signing as well as talking has allowed her to communicate and make herself understood far sooner than otherwise, so enhancing her self-esteem and confidence and in turn, her abilities. Brave Jane Milnes and Little Bear Baby Signing!



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