Counting & Weighing

Saturday 8th October

Counting and weighing: got out granny’s old scales to the delight of all girls. They had great fun measuring and experimenting with weights, contrasting, adding, taking away, comparing…. M got into writing out numbers to 100 on her little white board (purchased for each of them in France for a few Euros and well worth twice that!) so the abacas came into its own to show 10s and add a different concept to adding and taking away. Hard to show a different method to that taught in school but I am determined to show that there are different ways to doing everything….?! H enjoyed it too and really seemed to grasp the concept. Perhaps it is easier if you havent already learnt something with the udea that this is the one and only way of doing it because the teacher taught it this way??!! They had fun anyway, whatever they did or didnt learn – surely the best way whatever?! Also had out the wooden shapes which were used to catagorise, count, create….



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