Climbing & Counting

Friday 14th October

Fantastic ‘insect’ day….a day off from school really gives a feel of what Home Schooling might be like….learning on the job?!

Set off early to get to Rock Up climbing for the first session – M has been wanting to go for ages and H insisted she didn’t; however, with very few people there it was calm and perfect for building up confidence. After tears on the first wall, she excelled! M whizzed up pretty much every wall and H reached the top of one and tried a whole load of others. F had a grand old time poddling around the soft play and getting places where she shouldn’t, whilst I danced a merry dance between them all! Proud of my climbers:-) I just need to get up some climbing walls too now again, been far too long 🙂

Two sets of football gear, including balls, later, we set off for the station to get a train to RVCountry Park. Girls v excited to be on a train, and after walking through from the station we spent a happy couple of hours in the sunshine enjoying the adventure playgrounds. Picnics, zip wires

, slides, swings, walkways, climbing challenges…. Enjoyed the autumn leaves too and ended up counting and collecting 100 leaves – got our maths in too (and literacy in our descriptions and making up of rhymes, as we always do);-) Ice creams to finish off, before the train back and on to swimming. Friends Phoebe and Oliver home for tea. Busy day but fantastic fun.



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