Sun on a Saturday

Saturday 15th October

Started not-too-early: at present, to still both be in bed at 7am is fairly incredible! Happy girls’ playing like music to the ears! A run along the beach freed up a stiff back and set a great day off to a good start:-)

Took M & H to football. H still desperately nervous – how to help a nervous just-4 and small-for-her-age anyway girl in a nearly all-boy environment, most of whom are considerably bigger, tougher and more practised in football? Yet she is insistent that she wants to be there. Hence I found myself jogging around a football pitch collecting balls and helping/encouraging the dribbling of them back to the ‘red corner’ whilst attempting to disentangle myself from actually holding hands whilst running and dribbling. Tricky. How far to encourage, how far to say enough is enough for now?? M seems to be enjoying it, even though as the only girl and again, one of the only ones new to it all as well, she barely seemed to actually touch the ball once they had a little match? Still, it is about having fun, ball skills and focusing, and teamwork…. They are extremely proud of their new kit purchased yesterday (although the melt downs about socks that didn’t fit emphasised how tired they are?!!!)…red is the new pink/purple!

Home in the sun on our bikes for bacon butties (having been in disgrace as they had run out by the time I went to order them, oops, black mark – one of the many parenting no-nos!) and then off again en famille to cycle to the beach. Glorious. Along the cliff tops and then down to have a picnic in the sunshine and collect stones, shells and bullrushes (beds and food for toy hedgehog who is currently flavour of the day as far as soft toys are concerned…). A drink and chips and play at the pub on the way home and then back in the rain to light the stove and enjoy a cosy evening. Embracing Autumn? Definately.

Mummy & M time with strictly come dancing…apparently ‘everyone at school is talking about it’. I remember that ruse with my parents;-) Still, a glass of wine, popcorn, stove and hugs with a 6 year old made for a pretty good evening. Even got to practise french plaits. Whoohoo.


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