Monday 31st October

I agree with so many out there: Halloween is too commercialised, too scary, too far away from its origins. Gave rise to some interesting questions – I need to find out more about All Hallows and pagan festivals…! Remembering the university days of climbing Pendle Hill in the dark for bonfires at the top with Daddy, I’m not sure if the girls believed me or not;-)

Started a gloriously sunny deliciously crisp Autumnal day with the mad crazy school run – poor M. ushered into a small dark stuffy classroom and H, F and I roared off into the sun, scooting over crunchy coloured leaves scattering the ground on H’s new purple larger bike to her immense pride and joy. Shafts of sun framing her happy figure as she sped away from me. Sad that after Christmas she too will be ensconced in the classroom (unless I do something drastic?!) but so very glad that we have waited for her to start until January as she is a different, stronger, happier and infinitely more confident child.

Our last morning with our wonderful, amazing, life-saving and very special Jackie, our Homestart volunteer who had one last morning with us today before a sad farewell. How far we – I – have come since last year, though. Wow. Managed 20 minutes Yoga, filled the car with baby things to pass on to Charities, then we set off for the common for a glorious sunny walk and ride and quartz collecting and leaf admiring, caterpillar watching, poetry reading under the poetry tree…. Sad goodbyes. Will definitely stay in touch. Onwards and upwards.

Lunch outside in the sun – this time 2 years ago we had gone to Ryde on the boat for a day to build sand palaces and paddle, similar weather now. F napped, H and I had a glorious hour and a half collecting stunning coloured maple leaves, then this became a basis for painting with autumnal colours using gouache paints and designing placemats for everyone for our Halloween party. Paint, tones, contrasting colours, glitter, leaves, laminating. Gave an opportunity to use magnetic letters to find and spell each phonic in all our names, then write these out. Clear phonic recognition of majority of letters now. Better control of writing also (despite needing to use cursive script as this is what school use).

Cycled to Imogen’s house – girls are very sensible on the roads. Stunning afternoon.

Fantastic Halloween party. Games, dancing, fun tea, cake, jelly, fancy dress costumes

and friends.


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