Love accept hope believe

Wednesday 9th November

Woke this morning to the unbelievable truth that Donald Trump has somehow, incredibly, won the votes to become president of the USA. What now? Brexit and the start of the aftermath and reality of the future was bad enough. But now…. What kind of a world is this that we are bringing our children up into? I have completely lost faith in Great Britain and where we are going – or not going. And the horrific acts of ISIS and all those war-torn countries who used to enjoy peace and harmony. The acts of violence against so so many innocent people. Trump used the slogan ‘America First’ – reminiscent of and last used by the Nazi’s. Is this what lies in store? A broken world in all places? Is this the future our ancestors fought for, worked towards? Is this what we want for our children’s future?

How can we turn this around? How can we change the growing racism, scepticism, violence, obsessive greedy consumerism, disinterest and selfishness around us? All I can hope is that there are enough people out there prepared to stand up and be counted, to state emphatically that this is not OK, that we want to spread Love, Acceptance of all, Hope and Belief in a better future. Otherwise what is the point???



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