Inset Days

Friday 25th November

…we LOVE them! So tired today that we truly needed down time and a very gentle morning. Finally managed to winkle the girls out of their pyjamas and out into the sparkle of a beautiful sunny autumnal day. Bikes around the common whilst F walked and was the coerced into the pram and off to sleep. Bribed the girls with chocolate coins. M had her notepad and pencil with her to practise her maths. NOTE: Must Must Must spend more time with her on maths as she had admitted she is worrying about it at school…..I worry so so much about what is expected of them at school….

Lunch at home whilst I continued planting bulbs for the spring. So many more I want to plant….

Set off for Rock Up to meet friends Noah and Thea – totally against my better judgement on such a glorious day, but they loved it, and seeing M particularly scaling up all the walls with such intent and enjoyment was worth it. F very happy exploring the soft play, just H needing my attention, and seeming less confident than last time. Such a late night last night can’t have helped?

Swimming lessons, and M and Phoebe had a ball practising somersaults front and back off the side into the pool;-)

To friends P & O for tea, then home for early nights all round. Phew, it’s the weekend!



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