Autumn Leaves

Saturday 26th November

Forecast was for stunning sunshine but it never quite managed to burn through the sea fog.

Saturdays have to be quite organised if I wish to fit in a run before getting the girls to football. Not helped by over tired children…having committed to giving this all a go we still had wobbles this morning as they are so very very tired, but big smiles once they had joined in, and they are learning skills that will benefit whatever they do, rather than just chasing a ball around a pitch with a big group of other (generally bigger and more skilled!) children. I’m afraid I resorted to pure bribery this morning. Resulting in the girls being allowed to choose whatever chocolate they wanted at the shop on the way home.

Arrived back to find Nanny and Grandpa already at home, to their great excitement. F woke soon after (having been sick this morning – hummm, perhaps she had drunk most of M’s prevent-nail-biting-liquid that Daddy found open and nearly empty on the floor under the table?). Early lunch and plenty of stories, apples finally peeled and chutney made – I’ve only been meaning to do that for weeks, then out to the garden to rake up leaves. Great fun was had by all.


Feeling much happier now I have finally cleared and tidied up the veg patches, ready for winter. Given I look out of them everyday through the window, it has not helped my state of mind. I then escaped whilst the girls had tea, to attempt a tidy up upstairs. Still so far to go but I did manage to clear all the piles of washing and much of the mess of the spare room. Now I just need a week of uninterrupted time to tidy, sort, declutter and reorgnise the rest of the house?!



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