New Chapters

Tuesday 3rd January 2017

And so started a new chapter in our lives. H started school. Aged 4 years and exactly 4 years 5 months. Better than just 4 and so glad she has had an extra term at preschool and Buttercups. She was so excited, that is the main thing. I had an interesting hour or so observing the class so help her settle in….

So little but once she is comfortable there I think she will thrive. It is me who is so sad to be losing her to an education system that quite frankly, I don’t think is good enough any longer. New thoughts once we see how they are all doing.

Great pride in our wonderful, independent, individual, strong-willed, bright, incredible, sparky second daughter.

Granny Anna and Bapa came to meet us after picking her up before lunch, with F in the pram, for a picnic snack and fabulous walk through the common, still sheathed in frost. Beautiful. Great delight in flinging great shards of ice across the frozen pond with Mummy and Bapa!

M was amazing too – having been unwell all through the holidays she went into school with a big smile on her face and true pride in having her younger sister there with her.

Mummy moment of quiet pride. Now to get that house sorted?!!

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