A Cheeky Beach Day

13th March 2017

My images won’t upload – so my ‘life in photos’ isn’t quite so relevant! I’m so behind in what we’ve been up to; my attempt to journal our happy times, our adventures, our making, our doing, our down times is sadly lacking at present. As with my attempt to keep on top of the washing, my temper, our sleep, enjoying and appreciating my wonderful children…. Sunny days and warmer weather makes SUCH a difference to my state of mind. As long as Article 50 IS NOT triggered I might continue to see the ups of life?!

Our weekend was wonderful (spot the alliteration?! Perhaps my previous life as an English teacher hasn;t totally gone to ground?!)

Saturday 11th –

Beach day for Daddy’s birthday (which was Friday but a work day so presents and cooked breakfast – we had run out of porridge oats so a necessity rather than planned;-) – and cakes had to suffice)….had a lovely poddle around Bosham, favourite and special place, picnic lunch and enjoyed the swings over the stream and under the wonderful old oak tree in front of the Church and overlooking the harbour. What more could one ask for?! Windy but impressionable walk at West Wittering – again, worth the drive for such awe-inspiring surroundings. Company of Alex and Autumn, girls v happy:-) Fab tea overlooking the water at Dell Quay. Perfect.

Sunday 12th –

Managed a lie in, and without resorting to TV. Great. Run in the rain (well, only drizzle – should count myself lucky!). Took girls to the farm, where we unwittingly gatecrashed a party long enough to feed the beautiful goats, piglets, and stroke the rabbit and guinea pigs (no girls, not yet to owning one!)

Great bird trail – had a wonderful time finding the clues and extracting the relevant information. Proud of the wooden bird whistle prizes too:-) Proper muddy play in the play field – and the sun out also.

Tea service, quiet but girls had fun. Early nights, H particularly struggling so much emotionally with school, I hate it….

Which brings me nicely to today. They both struggling, not feeling well and quite frankly I didn’t have it in me to fight to get them up and dressed and battle all the way to school on what was promising to be a beautiful day. And what a day. Warm, sunny, superb summer promise in the air. Blossom well and truly out against the stunning blue sky.

Local beach (Ok, so it isn’t Sydney beaches but it is nearby and the sea so it will do me for now) for playgound, balancing, climbing, throwing themselves down slides (me too!), then beach combing, sculpting, beach-fairy garden creating, collecting…. happy days.

Home for F to sleep and the girls to collect worms for the worm hotel, decorate jars for our ‘Cornwall Jars’ ready for our keepsake stones and shells, and general playing. Much needed. How easy would it be to apply for and get flexi-schooling???

Glowing school parents evening reports – for them both, H especially, but that alsmost makes my quest to home school harder…. Still, if they are amazed that, depsite her not having been there for the first term, that she is doing so well (guess what – we did things together at home, occasionally, without pushing, and far more tactile than the worksheets to which she is now condemned, and she was still up with the class???) perhaps I should have more faith in going against the norm and going for it? Thoughts please…..




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